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Who are secondnature?

secondnature is an executive training consultancy working with the likes of BBC Worldwide, Amazon, Coca Cola and the United Nations. So it’s fair to say that their clients have high expectations.

They deliver world-class presentation training courses, coaching programs and workshops. But online and face-to-face work is only part of their customer’s journey.

From upfront self-evaluation to post-workshop learnings and tools for ongoing skills development, secondnature’s digital experience needs to be just as impressive as when they’re in the room.

That’s where Fly came in. We helped them turn a clunky, manual set of tools, forms and tasks into something altogether slicker and easier to manage.

The Results

The end result was a seamless combination of digital and real-world client experience, plus a significant reduction in legwork to prepare, tailor and follow-up their work. And having digitised the administration of their services, secondnature also now have a much richer, actionable picture of how their clients engage with them. All in all, a great example of how technology can create happier clients and help you spend your precious time on where it matters most.

Fly are, without a doubt, the best contemporary marketing & technology thinkers you could hope to have the good fortune to be referred to and work with.

Gavin Keeble, Joint Founding Director, SecondNature

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