17 Mar, 2020

COVID-19 – Customer Notice

Last Updated:
17th March 2020 (23:50 GMT / 11.50 AEDT)

We'd like to communicate how Fly is operating in light of recent news. This includes how our remote office will continue to function, how our supply chain may be impacted and finally, an offer of some gratis support for our clients.

The Fly (Remote) Office

First and foremost the health and safety of our team, their respective families and the community is our primary concern.

With this in mind, we'd like to confirm the following;

  • Our team already work remotely and are thus well-versed and prepared; it's our standard mode of operation.
  • For the protection of others, as well as ourselves, we won't be attending any face-to-face meetings until we deem it safe and sensible to do so. This decision will continue to be informed by Governmental guidance. We obviously also won't be attending any conferences or events (in person).
  • In short, notwithstanding any emergency measures our clients need support in implementing, it's business as usual for Fly.
  • If you need support from Fly, you should use the usual channels. Either via your account manager or by emailing support@talk2fly.com.

Our Supply Chain

We've now (as of 16th March) had the opportunity to assess the impact on our supply chain.

Much is still unknown and of course, the situation is fluid. We'll continually monitor the situation. However, at present;

  • Many of our suppliers are technology companies and platforms who have published their own guidance and, in general, have robust business continuity plans in place.
  • We are currently anticipating minor disruption by way of an occasionally delayed response to any of our requirements from them. This may, in rarer cases, impact our ability to respond in a timely fashion. We'll let you know whenever that might be the case.
  • Our partners in other areas outside of the technology space also appear to have comprehensive continuity plans in place. Again, at this point in time, we don't believe the delivery of our services will be dramatically impacted.

Further Support For Clients / Partners & Friends Of Fly

We get this is a difficult time for many of our clients and partners.

We want to help clients swiftly tackle short-term operational challenges and execute on any longer-term adaptation strategies. As such we’ve developed our own package of support if you need it.

You can read more here.

Thank you.