In response to the C-19 crisis, we want to help you swiftly tackle your short-term operational challenges and execute on any longer-term adaptation strategies. As such we’ve developed our own package of support if you need it.

What We're Doing For Clients

Right Now


Tackling urgent stuff swiftly


To ensure your customers & stakeholders remain informed and that your critical marketing infrastructure is appropriately adapted to align with your continuity plans.


  • Dynamic Website Notices
  • Urgent Communications via the MarTech platforms we manage
  • Smaller integrations for any new tools you’ve recently adopted

£/$ – It’s On Us

We’ve helped a lot of you already. You won’t be billed. If we haven’t already helped you, this support is free.

Over The Next 4 Weeks


Consultancy – An Adaptation Call


Inform your planning processes and/or let us share some of ideas and approaches being adopted both within, and outside, your sector or industry.

Call Agenda

  • The impact so far and any forecasted issues
  • Subsequent changes in priority and/or mitigation tactics
  • Discuss any next steps.

What If The Impact Isn’t Clear Yet

That’s okay. This isn’t about taking very involved action immediately (unless that’s necessary). It’s about assessing options in light of the probable impacts. 

£/$ – It’s On Us

There’s no charge.

For The Mid-Long Term


Your On-going engagement


If we need to redirect our focus, within our consultancy and professional services remit, we’re here to execute on shifts in tactics/strategy.


See below under the ‘Relevant Expertise’ section

Relevant Expertise

For Charity

Servicing stakeholders online
Digitalising fundraising events
Diversifying income streams

For B2B

Client Retention
New Business
Launching nuanced services
Servicing Clients Online

For Everyone

Digitising Events
Scaling Digital Infrastructure

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