Fly is a specialist MarTech consultancy who believe that a lack of tech smarts shouldn’t hold you back.

We help SMEs (up to around 50 people) and mid-to-large sized NFPs (up to around 300 people) to break through the glass ceiling, tackling urgent problems, solving mid-term challenges and achieving longer-term transformational goals with our people-first approach to marketing, sales and mission-critical technology.

Ultimately we help our clients work smarter, achieve more and avoid expensive mistakes.


Fly are, without a doubt, the best contemporary marketing & technology thinkers you could hope to have the good fortune to be referred to and work with.

Gavin Keeble | Joint Founding Director | secondnature

The Fly team have the knowledge and expertise to enable customer-centricity in the digital world, which has been incredibly valuable for us as we progress through our transformation journey. Tim and the team are always focused on ensuring the very best outcomes for us.

Rob Marshall | Chief Information Officer | MTC

We’ve been working with Tim and the team at Fly for some time now and they have been nothing short of exceptional with great skills, knowledge, communication and service. Can highly recommend for any technical or website needs you might have.

Scott Pitman | General Manager | Reef Digital

We were delighted with the new site…as a direct result of Fly’s consultancy and professional services we achieved the professional veneer and visibility we sought

David Hanger | Former Publisher Of The Economist | Prospect

Fly had to work from scratch under a lot of pressure…They were highly effective and creative and managed to meet impossible deadlines. We had a universally positive response, both in the UK and Columbia

Sue Williamson | Partner | DPG (and War On Want)

They’ve tightly integrated our new kit with other sales & marketing tools and we’re pleased to report significant improvements to the bottom line have been realised. A good chunk of that can be attributed to Fly’s work

Charlie Fleet | Managing Director | Reco

From the underlying marketing technology to design, implementation and measurement, Fly ensured our larged annual research poll attracted maximum attention and had a positive commercial impact. All delivered to very tight deadlines.

Serena Kutchinsky | Digital Editor | Prospect

Fly looked for what we needed in the project, not what I thought we needed. As a result we got excellent solutions

Benny Dembitzer | Nobel Peace Prize Winner | Ethical Events

[Fly] have certainly proved themselves to be a very valuable asset to the Jigsaw over the last 12 months….there’s no lack of engagement, communication or quality. They’ve proactively and diligently integrated themselves into the right parts of our operation and delivered solid results against our objectives

Dan Straw | Operations Director | Jigsaw Cloud

Our Guiding Pricinciples

Being People People

Technology is about people
and so are we.

  • We pride ourselves on demystifying the complex
  • Each and every one of the Fly team is approachable, accessible, friendly and affable.
  • We believe in helping first; everything else will follow.

Being Good

We believe ‘business’ has a vital role and responsibility in society.

  • We aim for parity in the volume of NFP and B2B clients with whom we work.
  • We offer generous, discounted rates for effective NFPs.
  • We donate 5% of our profits to effective NFPs.

Being Informed

Learning doesn’t end with a Masters or MBA study.

  • The whole Fly team is committed to continuous learning.
  • We dedicate at least 10% of our time to relevant training.

Being Small

We believe small is beautiful.

  • Fly believe that by remaining small we can maintain and leverage a more finely tuned team of experienced professionals and practitioners while providing the personal service our client’s demand. 

Our Expertise


Business Cases
Customer Journey
The FlyIndex

Robust Technology

Strategy & Selection Planning

High-Performance Websites

Strategy & Planning
Information Architecture & UX
Design & Build
Maintenance & Hosting

Digital Analytics

Strategy & Selection

Fly are, without a doubt, the best contemporary marketing & technology thinkers you could hope to have the good fortune to be referred to and work with.

I had a previous long, senior career in advertising and marketing, so I think I have the credentials to back up that opinion! Their knowledge, experience and customer service is second to none! Solutions that help your operations run digitally, more smoothly and efficiently.

They seem to know and understand a piece of software (marketing and marketing automation) to do anything you want, and integrate it seamlessly with other software you’re using or others out there. They grasp the big picture and the small details in equal measure and are driven by ROI and performance measurement of solutions they put in place.

I wouldn’t hesitate, even for a second, to recommend them.


Gavin Keeble, Joint Founding Director

Talk To Fly

Let’s discuss your challenges

Collaboration With Technology Leaders

Our expertise span the breadth of best-in-class MarTech vendors.

And what’s more, we’re platform agnostic. We may work closely with leading vendors but that doesn’t mean we’ll recommend those solutions just because we’re a ‘Gold Partner’ or ‘Certified Consultants’.

If we don’t have the in-house experience to plan, implement, integrate and manage the platform(s) that are best for your organisation, we’ll point you in the direction of those who can.